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3 bedroom, 2 bath house overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the main island of Puerto Rico


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How close are you to the beach?

The closest sunbathing beaches are on the old Navy base (Garcia, Red, Blue) which is a short 10 minute drive. Because Vieques is so small, nothing is more than 20 minutes away. Be aware that beachfront property on Vieques is limited - be sure to ask if the beachfront is rocky or a sandy beach. Also the North side of the island is the Atlantic Ocean not the blue Caribbean Ocean which is on the South side of the island.

Do you have air conditioning?

Yes - In October 2006 we installed air conditioning throughout the house (not just the bedrooms). Because Colina de Brisas was built on a hillside it gets great breezes (hence the house name!) however the wet summer months get humid and the air conditioning is a nice amenity. We highly recommend during the dry winter months you enjoy the cooling tropical Caribbean breezes and use the air conditioning only if necessary. There are also ceiling fans and portable fans throughout the house in case the air conditioning is too much and you need just a little extra breeze.

What is your favorite beach?

Our personal favorite is Garcia - it is near Red Beach on the old Navy base. It has sand like silk and good surf for children.

Where is the closest store?

The closest is within walking distance of the house and is a small convenience store. There is slightly larger convenience store just 2 blocks from the yellow bridge. The supermarcado is less than a mile down Rte. 200 toward the airport.

How close are you to the Fort?

We are about 1/10 of a mile and a short stroll just around the block from the fort.

What is check in/check out time?

Check in is at 4pm and check out is 10am. If you wish to have an early or late check-in please check with us first. We frequently have guests on the same day but will try to accommodate early arrivals or late departures when possible. We will work with you as best we can.

How do we get to Vieques?

There are several options to travel to Vieques from Puerto Rico.

** First let me say that once you arrive in San Juan you are on island time - and this is not simply a saying. The airlines to Vieques are commuter (puddle jumper) planes and the rules/regulations are not as strict as you may be used to.

Easiest/Fastest Option:
Take a flight directly from the San Juan International straight to Vieques. The latest one is around 6pm depending on the airline so make sure you make reservations ahead of time. As Vieques becomes more popular, it gets harder to walk up and get a flight. This is the most expensive option but also the best in terms of time and ease.

**Please be aware that you will have to retrieve your luggage from baggage claim and re-enter the airport to get to the airlines. One thing to note here is that you MUST have your luggage tickets (that you receive when you check your bags) to match to your luggage before you can remove them from the baggage area. Once you exit the baggage area, re-enter the airport (upstairs) and find the commuter jet counters. If no one is immediately available, just be patient as they usually only have 1 or 2 people working and they may be loading another flight.
Optional San Juan Flight:
There is another small municipal airport in Old San Juan, Isla Grande, which also offers flights to Vieques. With San Juan International getting so popular, this airport is an option that offers lower fares. Be sure to contact the airlines to find out who offers flights from Isla Grande to Vieques and their flight options. Flight options are not as many as San Juan International but the airfare is 33% less. You will need to take a taxi ($15-30 depending on your group) - it is about a 20 minute ride depending on traffic. It's best to give yourself at least 2 hrs between your arrival into San Juan and your departure from Isla Grande.
San Juan Ferry Option:
This no longer exists.
Least Expensive yet Most Adventurous Option:
The towns of Fajardo and Ceiba are 60-90 minutes from San Juan (depending on weather and/or traffic) - Ceiba is only 10 minutes from Fajardo. Once in the Fajardo area you have the option of either the ferry or flying to Vieques. The flight is much less expensive than San Juan and the ferry is only $2 per person. Depending on your comfort level you can either rent a car in San Juan and drive to Fajardo or hire a driver/taxi. A few car rentals offer a discounted "drop off fee" if you return the car from Fajardo. I'm finding this is not as common, so please check with your rental agency to see if they offer this.

Lastly, keep in mind that commuters do not charge overly expensive one-way flights so if you want to travel to Fajardo either on your trip over or back, this is also an option. If you do choose to travel to Fajardo, you will be passing right by the El Yunque rain forest which is certainly something to experience if you have the time. Please be sure to give yourself enough time between flights.